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Sinister Synopsis

Oh yes, you do! You have to write a synopsis. Why? Because agents want it.

Yeah, I know. I read the doom and gloom surrounding the search to learn the art of synopsis writing too. However, there is plenty of good advice to be found by performing such searches.

Here’s some of what my basket of synopsis information includes:

– A synopsis is highly subjective.

– If the work includes more than one plot line, you may find it necessary to focus solely on one of them—the plot used to move the main story along.

– Prepare no less than three versions: One page (can be more than 250 words), 500 words, and 700 words. Start with the 700-word version. Then, once you’re comfortable with that one, reduce from there.

– Understand that the work will lose most adverbs and adjectives—there will be little room for description. Focus on what moves the plot along.

I know it’s excruciating to dismantle your precious work, but keep in mind that a synopsis is the perfect tool to share the whole of your story rather than depending solely on how well your query is received.

A well-written synopsis can mean the difference between getting an agent’s attention and getting the dreaded generic denial.

I found these sites to have solid information/direction on synopsis writing:

Nathan Bransford  Writing-World.com

Lascaux Flash Piece

Lascaus Flash had a September writing contest that I entered. I had a great time and received some nice feedback.

A special thank you goes out to Nathan Bransford for making me aware of the contest.

This was my entry:

Death of a Dream

As before, with thoughts of grandeur reverberating in my mind, I allow myself to be drawn into yet another adventure, one I know nothing of.

Weeks pass, I’m getting the hang of this! Months pass, I’m confused but plod on. Years later my enthusiasm wanes, but not to the point of giving up.

Then it happens. Anyone who knows me well has seen this coming since the day I embarked on such an undertaking.

A loud bang fills my ears. I close my eyes tight against the searing pain. Tears stream freely as I fight the blinding light. How can this be? My eyes are closed, darkness should prevail. But it doesn’t.

My vision returns, not of my eye sight but of my aspirations. There’s still time! My dream is within reach. I simply need to grasp on.

A guttural roar expels from my throat as I attempt to catch up. I stumble, but any pain is lost to adrenaline.

“What have I done?” I cry out to no one.


I’ve done nothing to capture my desire. I have merely convinced myself that I have worked hard for it. But it’s a lie, and now I have no option but to admit to myself that I have failed…again.

I hold my breath against the deep pain in my chest as the dream shatters. Another opportunity lost to fear.

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